Beijing Says Deadly Car Crash in Tiananmen Square a Terror Attack


Police block off the roads leading into Tiananmen Square in Beijing as smoke rises into the air after the crash, Oct. 28, 2013.


Chinese authorities said Wednesday that they have arrested five Uyghur suspects in connection with a deadly motor vehicle crash at Tiananmen Square, describing it as a “violent terrorist attack” — Beijing’s first in recent history.

But some experts challenged the government claim, saying many questions remain unanswered about the crash that occurred on Monday near a huge portrait of Mao Zedong hanging from the walls of the Forbidden City, leaving five dead and 40 others injured, according to police.

The dead comprised the driver of the sports utility vehicle, his wife and mother — who were with him inside the car — and two tourists.

The SUV was driven by Usmen Hasan, police said, suggesting that he, his wife and mother as well as five detained suspects were ethnic Uyghur Muslims from the far western region of Xinjiang.

The exile World Uyghur Congress told RFA that Chinese authorities had rounded up nearly 100 Uyghurs for questioning  in connection with the incident as “an excuse” for a crackdown on the minority group, which complains of discrimination and religious controls under Beijing’s rule in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Beijing police claimed on their official microblog that devices filled with gasoline, knives and a flag with “religious extremist content” written on it were inside the vehicle, which they said had plowed into pedestrians in the square and exploded in a “carefully planned, organized and premeditated” suicide attack.

The trio allegedly “ignited the gasoline inside the car,” the police said, adding that it had a license plate from Xinjiang, home to the Uyghurs who blame the influx of China’s majority Han Chinese into the region for their continued poverty and joblessness.

The five arrested on Monday had confessed to plotting the “attack,” police said. Banners calling for a Holy war, long knives and other items were found in at least one suspect’s residence, according to the authorities.

At least one of those held was from Xinjiang’s Turpan prefecture’s Lukchun (Lukqun, in Chinese) township, where deadly clashes in June left at least 46 dead, based on accounts by local officials and residents.


Wong Dong, a Macau-based Chinese military analyst, cast doubt over Beijing’s claim of a terrorist attack.

If there was such an attack, he said, it should involve explosives and not gasoline.

Based on photos of the crash available on the Internet, Wong expressed surprise that in a “sensitive area” such as Tiananmen Square, where there is believed to be heavy police presence, no one appeared to have rushed to put out the fire quickly.

“There has to be more evidence to back up claims that it is a planned terrorist attack,” he told RFA.

“Three people [who were in the vehicle] did this kind of thing is quite abnormal,” he said. “It is weird.”

Chinese authorities usually blame outbreaks of violence in Xinjiang on Uyghur “terrorists.”

But rights groups and experts say Beijing exaggerates the terrorism threat to take the heat off domestic policies that cause unrest or to justify the authorities’ use of force against Uyghurs.

In recent months, dozens of Uyghurs accused of terrorism have been shot dead in lightning raids in Xinjiang.

93 Uyghurs held

A spokesman for the Germany-based World Uyghur Congress said based on information received from various sources, authorities in Beijing had arrested 93 Uyghurs without any legal basis since Monday’s incident.

“This incident may become another excuse for the authorities to crack down on the Uyghurs again,” Dilxat Raxit, who is based in Sweden, told RFA via email.

A source close to Beijing police told RFA that they were confident that the five suspected Uyghurs picked up on Monday could help in the investigations.

“The police have to reach a conclusion after investigations to let the public know what has happened,” the source said. “If you take the wrong people in, how can you [reach the right conclusion],” the source asked.

Tens of thousands of Uyghurs living in Beijing could face greater security controls following the crash.

A local farmer’s market inspector said that identification documents of Uyghurs are already being screened. Their personal details are reconfirmed with official records through the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau police.

“We check all ID’s and then contact Xinjiang police to see if they have any criminal record,” he said.

Internet controls

The authorities have also clamped down on discussions of the incident on Chinese microblogs. Comments posted by netizens appear to have been deleted by cybercops.

“We do not see any reviews, comments,” a Han Chinese man identifying himself as Wang said from Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital. “We cannot make comments on this. All comments sites have been closed. The authorities do not allow comments.”

Security has been beefed up in Xinjiang, residents said.

In Kashgar city, security patrols have been intensified since Tuesday, a Han Chinese resident said.

“Since the morning of yesterday, those road blocks withdrawn earlier have been set up again in the downtown area,” the resident said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“[All the police] patrol with guns. There are seven or eight policemen at one road block. All vehicles and pedestrians come into and going out of the city are being checked.”

Reported by RFA’s Cantonese Service and Qiao Long for RFA’s Mandarin Service. Translated by Ping Chen and Shiny Li. Written in English by Parameswaran Ponnudurai.

Gherb Metbuatliri Béyjingdiki Partilitish Weqesi Üstide Keng Mulahize Yürgüzmekte

Muxbirimiz Irade

3 Neper uyghur tyenenmén meydanida mashina soqush weqesi payda qilghandin kéyinki saqchilarning neq meydanni qorshap turghan körünüsh. 2013-Yili 28-Öktebir, béyjing.


Bügün béyjing saqchi dairiliri resmiy halda tyenenmén meydanidiki hujum qilish weqesini teshkillik we aldin pilanlanghan bir «térrorluq hujum weqesi » dep élan qilghandin kéyin xelqara metbuatlarning diqqitini yene bir qétim özige tartti.

Qisim chetel muxbirliri gumandarlardin birining yurti dep körsitilgen pichan lükchün bazirigha bérip ehwal igileshke tirishti. Bu muxbirlar öz xewerliride xitay hökümiti bu qétimqi weqeni térrorluq weqesi dep bahalighan bolsimu, hujumchilar we qolgha élinghan gumandarlarning millitining uyghur ikenlikini tilgha almaywatqanliqini eskertip, xitay dairilirining bu arqiliq weqening arqisidiki milliy ziddiyetni nezerdin saqit qilishqa urunuwatqanliqini bildürdi.

Düshenbe küni, xitayning paytexti béyjingda hemde béyjingdiki eng sezgür orun bolghan tyenenmén meydanida weqe meydangha kelgili üch kün bolghan bolsimu, xitay tashqi ishlar ministirliqi weqening xaraktéri we uning kimler teripidin élip bérilghanliqini delilleshtin bash tartip kelmekte. Charshenbe küni béyjing saqchi dairiliri weqening aldin pilanlanghan, teshkillik térrorluq weqesi ikenlikini, bir ailidin bolghan 3 hujumchining aptomobilda ölgenlikini, 5 gumandarning bolsa qolgha élinghanliqini jakarlidi.

Emma, xitay tashqi ishlar ministirliqi bolsa charshenbe künidiki bayanatida muxbirlarning bu heqtiki soallirigha jawab bérishtin özini tartip, muxbirlardin béyjing saqchi dairiliri teminligen uchurlardin paydilinip turushni, özlirining téxi weqe heqqide ilgirilep ehwal igilewatqanliqini bildürdi. Elwette xitaygha oxshash bir dölette asanliqche uchrimaydighan, bolupmu tyenenméndek qattiq bixeterlik tedbirliri astidiki bir meydanda yüz bergen bu weqening uyghurlargha chétishliq bolghan özini öltürüsh xaraktérlik térrorluq hujum weqesi bolushi barliq xelqara metbuatlarning küchlük qiziqishini qozghidi. Bügün bezi chetel axbaratliri weqege baha bérip «paytextning merkizide yüz bergen bu weqe xitay hökümitige oxshash ichki muqimliqni qoghdash üchün dunya boyiche eng köp pul xejleydighan xitay hökümiti üchün tolimu qattiq nomus » dep bahalidi. Firansiye agéntliqi bu heqte élan qilghan xewiride glesgow uniwérsitétining proféssori dawid tobinning sözini neqil qilip, tyenenmén meydanigha oxshash saqchi we herbiyler bilen liq tolghan jayda bundaq bir weqening meydangha kélishini héchkim oylapmu baqmighan, xitay kompartiyisi buningdin qattiq chöchüydu, dep yazghan.

Firansiye agéntliqi xewiride, xitay dairilirining bügün weqeni térrorluq weqesi dep, gumandarlarning ismini élan qilghan bolsimu, emma ismidin uyghurluqi bilinip turidighan bu gumandarlarning millitini tilgha almighanliqini eskertken. Ular xewiride yene, xongkong uniwérsitétining oqutquchisi williy lemning mulahizisige yer bergen bolup, u weqege baha bérip «menche bu weqe xitay hökümitining siyasetliri uyghurlar arisida qattiq bir naraziliq peyda qilghanda saqchiningmu amalsiz qalidighanliqini éniq körsitip béridu. Dunyada héchqandaq bir réjim qattiq ghezep-Nepretke tolghan xelqni tosiyalighan emes» dégen.

Yuqiridiki mutexessisler yene, «weqege ait körünüshler bu weqening hergizmu xelqaraliq térrorluq organliri bilen chétishliq bolghan, yuqiri sewiyilik heriket emeslikini éniq körsitip béridu» dégen. Firansiye agéntliqi bu weqedin kéyin xitay hökümitining ichkiridiki uyghurlargha qaritilghan we uyghur élidiki bixeterlik tedbirlirining yenimu hessilep küchiyip kétish éhtimalliqi barliqini eskertish bilen birge, amérikidiki ékswiyér uniwérsitétining xongkongluq oqutquchisi kem wangning sözini neqil keltürgen. Kem wang xitay hökümitining, meyli qanchilik qattiq tedbir alsa alsun, beribir özini öltürüsh xaraktérlik hujum aldida ajiz qalidighanliqini eskertip turup «ölümdin qorqmaydighan kishilerni tosuwélish imkansiz» dégen.

Tyenenméndiki weqening uyghurlargha chétishliqliqi ashkarilanghandin buyan xelqara metbuatlar öz xewerliride uyghurlarning kimliki we weqening arqa körünüshi heqqide köplep melumat bermekte. Gumandarlarning birining lükchünlükliki ashkarilanghandin kéyin, bir qisim chetellik muxbirlar hetta lükchünge barghan. Roytérs agéntliqining muxbiri miga we maykil martinalarning bügün öz xewiride bayan qilishiche, ular lükchünge yétip barghanda yerlik saqchi dairiliri ulargha özlirining hazir bezi mesililer bilen aldirashliqini, bixeterlik mesilisi sewebidin bir-Ikki ayghiche lükchünge kirishke yol qoymaydighanliqini éytip, ularni turpangha qayturuwetken. Roytérs muxbirliri lükchünge yéqin yézidiki öz ismini bérishni ret qilghan bir uyghurdin ehwal sorighanda, u uyghur muxbirlargha bir qanche kündin buyan hemme yerni saqchi qaplap ketkenlikini, kéchide hemme yerde saqchi aptomobillirining awazi yangrap kétidighanliqini éytqan we mundaq dégen «biz sözleshtin qorqimiz. Eger biz sözlisek ular bizni tutidu yaki étiwétidu» dégen.

Xelqara metbuatlar öz xewerliride xitay saqchi dairilirining weqeni térror weqesi dewatqanliqini tilgha élish bilen bir waqitta, dunya uyghur qurultiyining weqe heqqidiki bayanatlirighimu oxshashla yer bermekte. Ular dunya uyghur qurultiyining weqe üstidin musteqil tekshürüsh élip barmay turup, xitay hökümitining sözige ishinishke bolmaydighanliqini eskertkenlikini shundaqla xitay hökümitining buni bahane qilip uyghurlargha qaratqan bésim, teqib we kemsitishni téximu kücheytidighanliqidin endishe qiliwatqanliqini bildürgen.

Amérikining birleshme agéntliqining muxbiri bolsa tyenenmén weqesi heqqidiki xewiride uyghurlargha qaritilghan kemsitish siyasitide üstide nuqtiliq toxtalghan. Birleshme agéntliqi béyjingda tijaret qilip jan baqidighan uyghurlarni ziyaret qilip turup yazghan xewirini «saqchining parakende qilishi béyjingdiki uyghurlarning hayatining bir qismigha aylinip qalghan. Emma bu ehwal tyenenménde weqe yüz bergendin kéyin téximu küchiyip ketti» dep bashlighan. Uning ziyaritini qobul qilghan uyghurlar béyjingdiki saqchilarning bikardin-Bikar künde kélip, kimlik tekshürüp özlirini aware qilidighanliqini, béyjingdiki méhmanxanilarning uyghur dep yataq bermeydighanliqini, öymu ijarige bermeydighanliqini éytip bergen. Birleshme agéntliqi xewiride, uyghurlarning xitayda diniy we milliy bésimgha uchraydighanliqini, kemsitilidighanliqini, xitayning bashqa jaylirida iqtisad shundaq tereqqiy qilghan bolsimu, uyghurlarning namrat qaldurulghanliqini bayan qilghan. Xewerde yene, hazir béyjingdiki uyghurlarning weqedin kéyin özlirige qaritilghan bésim we kemsitishning téximu küchiyip kétishidin qattiq endishige chüshkenlikini bildürgen.

Birleshme agéntliqi öz xewiride, uyghurlarning tilining, dinining, medeniyitining hujumgha uchrawatqanliqini, tebiiy bayliqlar we yaxshi xizmetlerdin rayongha köchüp kelgen xitay köchmenlerning paydiliniwatqanliqini, uyghurlarning bu ehwallargha bolghan naraziliqi küchlük bolghanliqtin rayonda 2009-Yili ürümchi weqesidin buyan nurghun milliy toqunushlarning meydangha kelgenlikini, emma bu weqelerning xelqarada yéterlik eks sada peyda qilalmighanliqini bayan qilghandin kéyin, buning sewebi heqqide amérikidiki mishigan uniwérsitétining shinjang mesilisi we bixeterlik mutexessisi filip pottérni ziyaret qilghan. Filip pottér buning sewebini mulahize qilip «xitay ilgiri bundaq weqelerning xelqarada sada peyda qilip, zor tesir yaritishining aldini nahayiti muweppeqiyetlik halda alghan. Chünki u weqeler uyghur élining ichidila jimjitla basturuwétilgen idi. Undaqta uyghurlar sezgür, muhim orunlar köp bolghan hem jümlidin térrorluq weqelirini xewer qilishqa piship ketken axbaratchilar köp jaylashqan sherqtiki xitay sheherliride heriket qilidighan sewiyige yétishi kérekmu?» dep mulahize qilghan.

Tyenenménning xitay hökümiti üchün nahayiti muhim ehmiyetke ige bolushi sewebidin xitay hökümiti weqening xaraktérini békitishte qiyinchiliq ichide qéliwatqanliqi xelqara metbuatlar birdek tilgha éliwatqan bir nuqta. Bügün yuqirida tilgha élinghan xelqara metbuatlardin sirt yene, engliyening muhapizetchi géziti, amérikining maliye waqti géziti we wal strit zhurnili qatarliqlar hemmisi buni alahide tilgha aldi. Ular xitay hökümitining ilgiri uyghur élida yüz bergen weqelerni derhal térrorluq weqesi dep bayanat élan qilishining eksiche, bu qétimliq weqede tashqi ishlar ministirliqining téxiche süküt ichide turuwatqanliqini bildürgen. Ular xewiride gerche béyjing saqchi dairiliri gumandarlarning ismini élan qilghan bolsimu, emma ularning millitini tilgha almighanliqigha diqqet tartip «dairiler qarimaqqa bu hujum qilish weqesini térrorluq herikiti dep marka chaplashqa nahayiti éhtiyatchanliq bilen muamile qilmaqta hem shundaqla milliy terkipni nezerdin saqit qilishqa urunmaqta» dégen. Ular yene dairilerning bu gumandarlarni héchqandaq adwokat bilen teminlimigenlikini eskertken.

Xitay Démokratlar: Tyenenmén Aptomobil Hujumi Jungnenxey We dunyagha Bérilgen Küchlük Siyasiy Signal


Muxbirimiz Erkin

Tyenenmén meydanida mashina soqush weqesi payda bolghandin kéyinki körünüsh. 2013-Yili 28-Öktebir, béyjing.

erzdarlar yollighan

Tyenenmén meydanida yüz bergen aptomobil hujumi dunyaning diqqet nezirini yene bir qétim uyghurlargha buridi. Béyjing sheherlik j x idarisi charshenbe küni weqeni «térrorluq weqesi» dep élan qilip, atalmish weqege chétishliq 5 uyghurning qolgha élinghanliqini bildürgen bolsimu, lékin cheteldiki xitay démokratlirining bildürüshiche, weqe jungnenxey we xitaygha küchlük siyasiy signal béridiken.

Béyjing sheherlik j x idarisining tyenenménde yüz bergen aptomobil hujumi toghruluq ikki kün ichide bergen bir-Birige zit ikki xil uchuri, dunya axbarat wasitilirining diqqitini uyghurlargha burapla qalmidi. Belki bu yene, cheteldiki xitay démokratlirining mezkur weqege bolghan qiziqishini ilgirilep kücheytti.

Béyjing sheherlik saqchi idarisi 28‏-Öktebir weqe yüz bergen küni hujumni ikkisi guma we pichan lükchünlük 3 er kishining élip barghanliqini ilgiri sürüp, ikkiylenning ismini élan qilghan, lékin weqening tepsilatigha munasiwetlik uchurlarni qattiq kontrol qilghan idi.

Dairiler charshenbe küni burunqi uchurgha zit halda, hujumni osman hesen, ayali gülqiz we ularning anisi bolup bir aile kishilirining élip barghanliqi, weqe uyghur «jihadchilirining» térrorluq herikiti ikenlikini bildürgen.

Dairiler, hujumni ikkisi ayal ana-Bala bir aile kishilirining qandaq muddia bilen élip barghanliqini tilgha almighan bolsimu, biraq cheteldiki bezi xitay démokratik zatliri hujumning meqsitige yetkenliki, jungnenxey we dunyagha uyghurlar heqqide küchlük siyasiy signal bergenlikini bildürdi.

Amérikining nyu-York shehiride neshr qilinidighan «béyjing bahari» zhurnilining bash muherriri xu ping ependi, bu hujum roshen siyasiyliqqa ige bolup, uning dunyagha uyghurlar toghruluq küchlük signal bergenliki, uyghurlarning ehwali pütün dunyaning diqqitini qozghishi kéreklikini bildürdi.

U mundaq deydu: bu weqe, hökümet dairilirining uchuri rast bolup, shuninggha asaslansa, térrorluq hujumini shekillendüridu. Hökümet dairilirining xewiri boyiche éytqanda, bu weqe bir uyghurning ayali we anisi bilen birge élip barghan hujumi. Bir aile kishilirining özini öltürüwélish xaraktérlik hujumgha ötüshi dunyada misli körüp barmighan ehwal. Méningche uning bergen signaligha pütün dunya diqqet qilishqa erziydu. Chünki junggo hökümiti ilgiri nechche qétim uyghurlarning térrorluq hujumi élip barghanliqini bildürgen. Biraq ularning héch biri térrorluq hujum emes.

Lékin, amérikida yashaydighan xitay weziyet analizchisi jang wéygo ependi, hujumchilarning herikiti küchlük siyasiy qesem, dep körsetti. U, hujumchilarning siyasiy simwolluq xaraktéri küchlük tyenenmén meydanini hujum nishani qilip talliwalghanliqi, hujumning 18-Qurultay 3‏-Omumi yighini échilish aldida turghan nazuk mezgilde yüz bergenlikini bildürüp, weqening dunyagha uyghurlar heqqide siyasiy signal bérish meqsitige yetkenlikini bildürdi.

Jang wéygo: ular nahayiti nazuk bir waqitta yeni, kompartiye 18-Qurultay 3‏-Omumi yighini échilish harpisida, siyasiy byurosi daimiy komitéti xelq sariyida yighin échiwatqanda, tyenenménge oxshash nazuk bir yerde bu heriketni élip bardi. Shunga, uning intayin küchlük siyasiy chaqiriq küchi bar. Bu, dunya jamaet pikrini uyghurlar junggo kompartiyesining mustemlikichilik buzghunchiliqigha uchrawatqanliq mesilisige qaritishqa chaqiridu. Bu nuqtidin alghanda ularning qéni bikargha aqmaydu, dep körsetti.

Jang wéygoning qarishiche, bu weqe dunya jamaetchilikining diqqitini qozghash nuqtisidin alghanda, özining meqsitige yetti.

Tyenenmén meydanidiki hujumdin xitay dölet kabinéti axbarat bashqurush ishxanisi buyruq chüshürüp, weqege alaqidar barliq xewerlerni qattiq kontrol qilishni telep qilghan. Xewerni bérishke toghra kelse qisqa bérish, xewerning tepsilatigha kirmeslik, tordiki buninggha munasiwetlik pikir, tehlillerni derhal öchürüp tashlashni buyrughan.

Bezi axbarat wasitilirining xewer qilishiche, dairiler bu jehettiki axbarat kontrolluqini aqlap, bundaq qilishtiki meqset bu weqening xenzular bilen uyghurlar arisidiki ixtilapni kücheytip, 5-Iyul weqesige oxshash milliy toqunush peyda qilishning aldini élish, dep körsetken. Lékin «béyjing bahari» diki xu ping ependi, dairilerning bu qarshi put tirep turalmaydu, dédi.

U mundaq deydu: méningche bu xil chüshenche put tirep turalmaydu. Chünki dairiler burun köp qétimlap atalmish uyghurlarning térrorluq hujumi élip barghanliqigha dair xewerlerni ashkarilighan. Eger uning bundaq endishisi bolghan bolsa, burun uyghurlarning atalmish térrorluq hujumigha alaqidar weqelerni ashkarilimighan bolatti. Uning bu qétim tyenenméndiki weqeni yoshurushtiki seweb uning tyenenmén meydanidek siyasiy simwolluq ehmiyiti zor bir yerde yüz bergenliki bilen munasiwetlik. U her sahe kishilirining bu weqe bergen siyasiy signal heqqide pikir yürgüzüshining aldini élish. Shunga u, bashqilarning bu xewerni tarqitishini cheklep, uning tarqilishigha ruxset qilmidi.

Jang wéygo ependi bolsa, tyenenméndiki aptomobil hujumi pewquladde nazuk yerde we pewquladde nazuk waqitta yüz bergenlikini eskertip, xitay hökümitining nazuk uchurlarni izchil cheklep kelgenlikini bildürdi.

U: u uchurni izchil kontrol qilip keldi. Uchur qanchilik nazuk bolsa shunchilik kontrol qilindi. Bu weqening nazukluq derijisi bayam éytqandek waqit, orun jehetlerdin nahayiti nazuk. Uninggha qoshulup uyghur-Xenzu arisidiki munasiwetlik nazukluqi sezgürlük üstige sezgürlük qoshti. Bu xil weqelerde heqiqetni yoshurush kompartiyening bir xil adet xaraktérlik pikir qilish usuli. Shunga uning bu xewerni yoshurushi normal, eger bu xewerni yoshurmighan bolsa normalsizliq bolatti, dep körsetti.

Tyenenméndiki aptomobil hujumi uyghur qarshiliq körsitish herikitining tunji qétim uyghur éli chégrisidin halqip, yuqiri derijilik sezgür nuqtisigha hujum qilishi bolup hésablinidu. Xu ping ependi bu weqening xitay rehberliride küchlük endishe peyda qilidighanliqini bildürdi.

Xu ping: uning burun bu xil weqelerni shinjang ichide kontrol qilip turalishidiki seweb u weqeler esli térrorluq emes idi. Bu qétim bu weqe yüz berdi. Yüz bergendimu del tyenenmén meydanida yüz berdi. Méningche bu, junggo kompartiye dairilirige nisbeten qattiq bash aghriqi. Shuni perez qilishqa boliduki, ular uyghurlargha bolghan kontrolluqni yenimu kücheytishi mumkin. Biraq yene bir tereptin, u endishe qilidighan mesile, eger bu uyghurlar rastinila térrorluq hujumi qozghisa, uning aldini alalmaydighanliqini tonush yetti, dep körsetti.

Xu ping ependining qarishiche, xitay hökümiti bezi chare tedbirlerni yolgha qoyup, uyghurlar bilen xitay hökümiti we xitay xelqi arisidiki jiddiylikni yumshitishi zörür. U, eng addiy chare uyghurlargha qaritilghan qattiq zerbe bérishni toxtitish. Xenzulargha oxshashla uyghurlarning kishilik hoquqigha hörmet qilish, ipade erkinlikige we diniy étiqad erkinlikige hörmet körsitish. Bu nuqtini emelge ashurghandila shinjang weziyiti tüp özgirish yasishi mumkin, dep tekitlidi.

Biraq jang wéygo ependi, bir partiye diktatoriliqidiki junggoda uyghurlarning hoquqigha hörmet qilip, uyghur éli weziyitini yumshitishning mumkin emeslikini bildürdi. U mundaq deydu: uning weziyetni yumshitishqa héchqandaq amali yoq. Chünki u hoquq merkezge merkezleshken bir partiye diktatoriliqidiki dölet. Bolupmu u hazir menpeet guruhliri teripidin kontrol qiliwélindi. Uning bu ehwalda asasi qanunluq zamaniwi démokratik özgirishke ötishi mumkin emes. U yene kangshi, chyenlung, tang, song dewrigimu qaytip baralmaydu. Bu xanidanliqlar héch bolmisa etrapidiki milletler bilen inaq ötken. Biraq u hazir buni qilalmaydu. Emeliyette u hazir hoquq merkezleshken diktatoriliqning gumran bolush basquchida turuwatidu. Uninggha bir kün ötse, bir kün hésab. U chong xataliqlar arqiliq kichik xataliqlarni yoshurup keldi. U mesile hel qilmaydu. Shunga uning weziyetni yumshitidighan chare tedbirlerni yolgha qoyushi mumkin emes.

Jang wéygoning bildürüshiche, peqet kompartiye hakimiyettin chüshüp, junggoda köp partiyelik tüzüm yolgha qoyulghanda, edliye musteqil bolghanda, axbarat erkinliki we öktichilerning söz erkinliki kapaletke ige bolup, démokratik tüzümge ötkende, uyghur éli weziyitidiki jiddiylik, uyghur-Xitay munasiwitidiki ixtilapni hel qilish ümidi tughulidu.

Tiananmen blaze triggers online speculation


Vehicles travel along Chang'an Avenue as smoke rises at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, 28 October 2013 Pictures of the scene on Chinese social media were quickly deleted

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The lack of authoritative information on the deadly car blaze in Tiananmen Square has given rise to a lot of speculation on Chinese social media.

A sport-utility vehicle ploughed through a crowd of tourists and caught fire in front of the Forbidden City, not far away from China’s top leadership compound Zhongnanhai, killing three occupants and two tourists and injuring 38 visitors and security officers, according to official reports.

State media have carried low-key coverage of the incident. State broadcaster CCTV did not even mention it on its flagship evening bulletin at 19:00 local time (11:00 GMT), though its late night bulletin at 22:00 did include a brief announcer-read report without pictures.

On social media platforms such as the Twitter-like weibo microblogs, pictures of the scene were quickly deleted and comments were heavily censored.

But the censorship only resulted in more questions being asked and more interest among the public.

Censorship stokes speculationOn Sina Weibo, China’s biggest microblogging website, users complained about the lack of official information on the unprecedented incident and asked for more details.

User Desert Fish wrote: “Who were the persons involved? Did they shout any slogans or throw any flyers? All these questions need answers.”

Another netizen, Potato Herring, asked: “Were there explosives in the vehicle? How did the occupants die? What reasons might have been behind the deadly incident?”

User Chenxitingfeng urged CCTV to “release authoritative information as quickly as possible”.

Microbloggers also noted the high level of online censorship in the aftermath of the incident.

Major internet portals had banned netizens from posting comments below relevant reports and weibo administrators had deleted a large number of related tweets, according to users.

Some netizens suggested that the level of censorship in itself showed that it was an unusually serious incident.

“Why are they deleting posts everywhere? What’s the truth behind it?” asked weibo user Xiaobeida.

“The fact that they deleted the photos is very telling. Was it really just a simple ‘car accident’?” asked netizen Zuiwo Hongchen.

Terrorist or petitioner?Many netizens suspected that it was a planned attack.

“This is definitely a terrorist attack,” user Flight Lieutenant wrote.

“This must be a suicide attack by extremists. But what is their objective???” asked user Doctor Wang.

Quite a few netizens have speculated on who might have been behind the incident, which took place in the run-up to an important party meeting scheduled for next month.

Some pointed the finger at separatists from Tibet or Xinjiang, while others said it might have had something to do with supporters of Bo Xilai, whose appeal against his life sentence had just been rejected.

However, the fact that there were three people in the vehicle did not seem to fit the pattern of terror attacks, some netizens said.

“If it were a terrorist attack, there should have been only one person in the vehicle. It shouldn’t have been three or more,” user Violin Note C wrote on weibo.

Plainclothes police hold barriers to shield the scene of a car crash in front of the iconic portrait of Mao Zedong at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, China, on 28 October 2013 The scene of the car crash was rapidly shielded by police

Instead of a terror attack, it was more likely to be a suicide protest by desperate petitioners, argued user Leng Zixing.

“Petitioners in despair would choose to die together as a family, because those left behind would suffer even more,” he commented.

“It was a typical act of retaliation against society,” said netizen Lexi Yang.

“They could not find solutions to their problems and were forced to take extreme actions. Unless senior officials give common people the right to speak out, such things will keep happening,” said Kuailewuji2013.

The incident sparked concern that Chinese society is getting increasingly violent and unsafe.

“This happened in the most heavily guarded place in China. So is there any place left that is still safe?” asked user Mandy Pang.

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Five Killed As Car Ploughs Into Crowd In Peking’s Tiananmen Square

Five Killed As Car Ploughs Into Crowd In Peking’s Tiananmen Square


Five killed as car plows into crowd in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square (01:22)

BEIJING | Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:13am EDT

(Reuters) – Five people were killed and dozens injured on Monday, the government said, when a car ploughed into pedestrians and caught fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the site of 1989 pro-democracy protests bloodily suppressed by the military.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, asked whether the government believed the incident was a attack, said she did not know the specifics of the case and declined further comment.

Police said on their official microblog that the car veered off the road at the north of the square, a major tourist attraction, crossed the barriers and caught fire.

The three Uyghur in the car died, they said.

The Beijing city government said on one of its official news websites that a female tourist from the Philippines and a male tourist from southern Guangdong province had also died.

Of the 38 injured, three were tourists from the Philippines and one from Japan, it added.

The central and Beijing governments held a meeting after the incident to speedily investigate what happened and “ensure the security and stability of the capital”, it said.

The car crashed almost directly in front of the main entrance of the Forbidden City, where there hangs a huge portrait of the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong.

Tiananmen Square is always under heavy security due to its proximity to the Zhongnanhai compound of the central leadership and due to the Great Hall of the People which overlooks the square. It is also the site of Mao’s mausoleum.

But the square is still a magnet for protesters, especially around the June 4 anniversary of the crushing of the student-led demonstrations in 1989, though they are normally swiftly bundled away by police.

A Reuters witness said he saw fire engines, an ambulance and numerous police cars heading in the direction of the fire, which sent a plume of black smoke into the sky.

The main road through the square was briefly closed. Police also evacuated the main part of the square.

A foreign tourist who was on the square and asked not to be identified said she heard an explosion followed by a fire.

(Reporting by Maxim Duncan, Megha Rajagopalan and Michael Martina; Writing by Ben Blanchard),h_890,c_crop,x_0,y_355/w_605,h_270,c_fill,g_north/des-vehicules-de-police-bloquent-les-acces-a-la-place-tiananmen-d-ou-s-eleve-une-colonne-de-fumee-le-28-octobre-2013-a-pekin_4517052.jpg&w=605&h=270&ei=2qxvUr3FHoa04ATC_IHYDA&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=505&page=3&tbnh=139&tbnw=280&start=59&ndsp=36&ved=1t:429,r:62,s:0,i:278&tx=131&ty=107

Pekinda Hujum Qilish Weqesi Yüz Bérip 5 Kishi Ölgen, 38 Kishi Yarilanghan

Muxbirimiz shöhret hoshur


Bügün, yeni düshenbe küni xitayning tyenenmén meydanida mashina soqush weqesi yüz berdi. Weqede weqe peyda qilghan gumandarlar bilen bille jemiy 5 kishi öldi, 38 kishi yarilandi.

Weqe heqqidiki eng yéngi xewerlerde bayan qilinishiche, weqe peyda qilghan gumandarlar 3 neper uyghur bolup, bulardin ikki nepirining kimlikliri aydinglashqan. Béyjing sheherlik saqchi idarisining axbaratqa ashkarilishiche, gumandarlardin biri 43 yashliq yüsüp ömer niyaz pichanning lükchün baziridin؛ yene biri 25 yashliq yüsüp exmed bolup, u xotenning guma nahiyisidin.

Bügünki xewerlerde bayan qilinishiche, gumandarlar tyenenmén meydanining aldi ishikidiki rishatkigha mashinini soqushning aldida, yuqiri awazda signal bérip kishilerni qéchishqa buyrughan. Qéchishqa ülgürelmigenlerdin ikki kishi ölgen we 38 nepiri yarilanghan.

Terepsiz axbarat wasitiliri, gumandarlarning weqede kishilerni hujum nishani qilmighanliqini, siyasiy jehettin simwolluq roli bolghan tyenenmén sariyini hujum nishani qilghanliqini ilgiri sürüshmekte.

Xitay «yer shari waqti» gézitining bügün axsham béyjingdiki bir méhmanxanidin igilishiche, béyjing saqchiliri tyenenméndiki mashina soqush weqesining gumandarliri heqqide mexsus bir uqturush tarqatqan.

Méhmanxana xizmetchisining «yer shari waqti» géziti muxbirigha bayan qilishiche, mezkur uqturushta nami tilgha élinghan ikki gumandar uyghur rayonining pichan we guma nahiyisidin dep tonushturulghan. Uqturushta bu ikki gumandarning bügün, yeni düshenbe küni yüz bergen zor weqege chétishliq ikenliki bayan qilinghan.

Mezkur muxbir bu uqturush heqqide alaqidar saqchi organlirigha téléfon qilghinida saqchi terep uqturushta bayan qilinghan zor weqening qaysi weqe ikenliki heqqide pikir bayan qilmighan ؛ emma tyenenméndiki mashina soqush weqeside qollinilghan mashinining nomur taxtisining uyghur rayonigha tewe ikenlikini bayan qilghan. Melum bolushiche saqchilar, yene méhmanxana xadimliridin 1-Öktebirdin bashlap méhmanxanigha chüshken gumanliq kishi we gumanliq mashinilar heqqide melumat sorighan.

«Yer shari waqti» gézitining ziyaritini qobul qilghan weqe shahitliridin biri tyenenménde rishatkigha we kishiler topigha soqulghan mashinining nahayiti téz sürette kelgenlikini we bu téz sürettin etrapta qiya-Chiya peyda bolghanliqini bayan qilghan.


Bügün yeni 28-Öktebir küni tyenenmén meydanida weqe yüz bérip 5 kishi ölgen we 38 kishi yarilanghan؛ xitay we xelqara xewerlerde bayan qilinishiche, chüsh mezgili saet 12 din 20 ötkende, ichide 3 kishi bolghan bir aptomobil, tyenenmén meydanidiki rishatkining bir bölikige qattiq soqulghan we rishatkini bösüp ötüp piyadiler yolidiki kishilerge urulghan.

Shinxuaning xewiride bayan qilinishiche, aptomobil rishatkigha urulghandin kéyin mashinigha ot ketken. Roytérsning xewiride bayan qilinishiche mashinigha ot kétishning aldida partlash awazi chiqqan.

Melum bolushiche, weqede aptomobildiki 3 kishi bilen birlikte jemiy 5 kishi ölgen we 38 kishi yarilanghan. Weqedin kéyin saqchilar meydandiki sayahetchilerni tarqaqlashturush bilen birlikte sheherning bir qisim poyiz béketlirini taqap yoluchilar üstidin tekshürüsh élip barghan.

Bügünki axbarat élan qilish yighinida bir muxbir xitay tashqi ishlar bayanatchisidin weqening térrorluq weqesi yaki emeslikini sorighan؛ bayanatchi özining weqening tepsilatidin xewersizlikini bildürgen.

Xitayche b b s ning bu heqtiki xewiride bildürülüshiche, tyenenmén meydani bezide xitaydiki bir qisim kishilerning öz naraziliqini ipadileydighan sehnisi bolup kelgen. 2011-Yili küzde, sot hökümige narazi bolghan bir erzdar tyenenmén meydanidiki maw zédongning heykili aldida özige bénzin töküp ot qoyghan.

Chégrisiz Muxbirlar Teshkilati Xitayning Uyghur Élidiki Torda «Pitne-Ighwa» Tarqatquchilargha Zerbe Bérish Herikitini Tenqid Qildi

Muxbirimiz Erkin
3 Neper uyghur tyenenmén meydanida mashina soqush weqesi payda qilghandin kéyinki saqchilarning neq meydanni qorshap turghan körünüsh. 2013-Yili 28-Öktebir, béyjing.


Xitay aliy sot we aliy teptish mehkimisi bu yil 9‏-Ayda qanungha chüshenche bérip, torda «pitne-Ighwa» tarqatquchilarning jinayi jawabkarliqqa tartilidighanliqini élan qilghan. Lékin, kishilik hoquq teshkilatlirining bildürüshiche, bu qarar uyghur élide oxshimighan siyasiy, diniy pikirlerni basturushqa qanun destek bolup bergen. Chégrasiz muxbirlar teshkilati bu ehwalni tenqid qildi.

Xitay edliye dairilirining «pitne-Ighwa» tarqatquchilarni jinayi jawabkarliqqa tartish heqqidiki qararigha egiship, uyghur élidiki torda «pitne-Ighwa» tarqatquchilarni qolgha élish, qamaqqa höküm qilish herikiti ewj aldi. Shundaqla yene «pitne-Ighwa» gha zerbe bérish toghruluq axbarat sahesidiki teshwiqat kücheydi.

Uyghur élidiki yerlik axbarat wasitiliride «pitne-Ighwa» dep körsitilgen bezi délolarning torgha diniy we nazuk siyasiy mezmundiki uchurlarni chaplash bilen munasiwetlik ikenliki diqqet qozghidi.

«Shinjang géziti» de élan qilinghan bu heqtiki bir maqalide, yéqindin buyan «pitne -Ighwa» tarqitish bilen eyiblinip memuri, qanuniy jazagha uchrighan uyghurlarning mutleq köp qismining torda «pichan weqesi» yaki «esebiy diniy idiye» terghib qilinghan uchurlarni tarqitip jazalanghan kishiler ikenlikini bildürgen.

Maqalide yene, téxnika, qanun we memuri wasitilerdin ibaret köp xil usulni qollinip, torda qanunsiz diniy paaliyetlerni cheklesh, torgha nazaretchilikni kücheytish, saghlam mezmunlarni köplep élan qilish, qanungha xilap, ziyanliq mezmunlarni élan qilishqa boshluq yaritip bermeslik otturigha qoyulghan.

24‏- Öktebir élan qilinghan yene bir xewerde agahlandurup, «yaman gherezde pitne-Ighwa tarqatquchilarni meqsitige yetküzmey, torni pitne-Ighwani ewj alduridighan munbet tupraqqa aylandurup qoymasliq üchün, torda ighwa tarqitidighanlarni qanun arqiliq qattiq cheklesh zörür bolup qaldi» dégen.

Merkizi parizhdiki chégrisiz muxbirlar teshkilati uyghur élidiki bu xil cheklimini tenqid qildi. Mezkur organning asiya ishlirigha mesul xadimi bénjamin ismail, xitay hökümiti özide nimining uchur, nimining ighwa ikenlikige qarar qilish hoquqi bar, dep qaraydighanliqini eskertip, uning pitne-Ighwagha zerbe bérish herikitini tenqid qildi.

U: shinjang, tibet we uning chet rayonlirida hem ichki mongghulda az sanliq milletlerning öz ara we sirttin uchurgha érishish, uchur bilen teminlesh hoquqi téximu éghir kemsitishke uchrap keldi. Bu rayonlarda bolupmu shinjangda dairiler tor alaqisini her waqit üzüp qoyalaydu. Bu, shangxey we béyjingning sehralirida yüz bermeydighan ehwal. Ular uyghurche tor betlirini xitayche tor betlirige qarighanda téximu qattiq kontrol qilidu hem chekleydu. Ular chetel axbaratining xewer bérishige cheklime qoyidu. Bügün tyenenmén meydanida yüz bergen aptomobil weqesini yoshurushqa urundi. Chetel muxbirlirining weqeni resimge tartishi, sinalghugha élishigha cheklime qoydi. Ular chetellik muxbirlarning tibet we shinjanggha bérip xewer bérishini téximu kontrol qilidu. Barghanlargha hökümet xadimlirini hemrah qilip qoyup, kimni ziyaret qilish, kimni qilmasliqni békitip béridu. Bu ehwal axbarat ölchimi we axbarat exlaqidin yiraq, dep körsetti.

Halbuki, xitay hökümiti bilen xelqara axbarat erkinlik teshkilatlirining qandaq uchurlar saghlam mezmunluq uchur, qandaq uchurlarning pitne -Ighwa ikenliki toghruluq jiddiy ixtilapi mewjut.

Merkizi parizhdiki chégrasiz muxbirlar teshkilatining asiya ishlirigha mesul xadimi bénjamin ismailning qarishiche, xitay hökümiti pitne ighwagha qarshi turushni bahane qilip, tor öktichilirige zerbe bériwatidu.

U mundaq deydu: dairiler özide nimining uchur, nimining pitne-Ighwa ikenlikini qarar qilish hoquqi bar, dep qaraydu. Eger bu weqe yüzbergen teqdirdimu, u dairiler teripidin étirap qilinmighuche ighwa hésablinidu. Dairiler bir weqening yüz bergenlikini qobul qilip étirap qilsa, shinxua agéntliqining tarqitishigha yol qoyidu. Shuningdila bu weqe bashqa axbarat wasitiliri élan qilsa bolidighan pakitqa aylinidu. Partiye teshwiqat bölümi bolsa, axbarat wasitilirining shinxua agéntliqi bergen xewerni asas qilishini kontrol qilidu. Közitidu.

Bezi kishilik hoquq paaliyetchilirining ilgiri sürüshiche, torda atalmish «pitne-Ighwa» tarqitishning özi axbarat we pikir erkinliki dairisidiki mesile. Xitay dairilirining bu xil xaishni qanun jawabkarliqqa tartip jazalishi pütünley xata, pikir erkinlikige qilinghan éghir buzghunchiliqtur.

Biraq «shinjang géziti» de élan qilinghan «tor pitne-Ighwa yamraydighan tupraqqa aylinip qalmisun» mawzuluq maqale, xitay hökümiti bilen kishilik hoquq paaliyetchilirining pikir erkinliki mesilisidiki köz qarshida qanchilik zor perq barliqini otturigha qoyghan. Maqalide, peqet qanunning nopuzi arqiliq mewhum dunyani chekligendila, tordiki pitne-Ighwalarning yamrishini menbedin chekligili bolidu, dégen.