The 7th Parliamentary General election of  East Turkistan Government- In-Exile was Held at Tokyo


The 7th parliamentary general election of  East Turkistan government- in-exile was held at Tokyo


East Turkistan government- in-exile 7th parliamentary general election meeting was held at Tokyo from November 12 to November 15. More than 60 representatives of East Turkistan people-in-exile participated in the parliamentary general election meeting, and 43 participants of the meeting were from Canada and Turkey.

Ahmatjan Osman was elected as the new president of East Turkistan Government-in-Exile. Kuresh Atahan was elected as the new parliamentary chairman of East Turkistan Governmen-in-Exile. Ismail Cengiz was reelected as the prime minister of East Turkistan Government-in-Exile.

Hizirbeg Ghayretullah was elected as the new vice president of East Turkistan Governmen-in-Exile. Ilyar Shemshidin was elected as the new parliamentary vice-chairman of East Turkistan Government-in-Exile. M.Ali Engin was appointed as secretary to the parliament by parliament members.

Rukiye Turdush was elected as the spokesperson of East Turkistan government-in-exile.


Cabinet :

Prime Minister                                                     İsmail Cengiz

Deputy Prime Minister                                         Gulam Osman Yaghma

Deputy Prime Minister                                         Yakup Can

Minister of Foreign Affairs                                    Ablajan Leylinaman

Minister of Interior                                              Ş. Serkan Dinçtürk

Minister of Culture                                              Mahire Ghopur

Minister of Finance                                             Yarmemet Bughra

Spokesperson                                                    Rukiye Turdush

Counsellor of Prime Minister                                Damian Rahmet

Counsellor of Prime minister                                Abdussalam Abdussemih


East Turkistan Government- in-Exile

16.11.2015  Canada-Toronto


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