30.06.2017 Notification

The Uyghur Chinese scientist Ilham Tohti is awarded the Weimar Human Rights Prize 2017 for his commitment to the rights of the Uighurs in the province of Xinjiang. This had been decided by the city council at its non-public meeting on 29 June. He thus followed the recommendation of the Advisory Committee on the Award of the Weimar Human Rights Award, which had voted for a proposal from the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV).



Ilham Tohti (Photo: AFP)
Ilham Tohti (Photo: AFP)


From the reasoning of the city council:

“As a renowned professor of economic and social questions at the Central Nationalities University of Beijing, Ilham Tohti has been tirelessly trying to point out to the general public about the serious economic and social problems of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. He has always advocated a peaceful coexistence between the ethnic groups of the Uyghurs and Han Chinese, as well as other minorities, and has only observed compliance with the existing autonomy law by the Chinese government.

In September 2014, the ethnic bridge builder and inconvenient advisor, who always claimed that Xinjiang Autonomous Province remained an integral part of the People’s Republic of China, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Urumchi Middle People’s Court for separatism.

The draconian and worldwide criticized sentence against Ilham Tohti makes it doubt that China’s government is interested in a peaceful and substantial solution to the problems in the region, where the Uighurs place the majority of the population.

The City Council hopes that the award will not forget Tohti’s message of peace and dialogue and the efforts for his release. ”

About the Weimar Human Rights Award:

Since 1995, the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar has been awarded annually to persons or organizations that are committed to:

The freedom and equality of all men,
The prevention and ostracism of genocide,
The right to free expression of the individual and to free information,
The participation of people in public affairs of their state,
Freedom of assembly and association, and the conduct of free, secret and periodically recurring elections,
Respect for and respect for political, ethnic, cultural and religious rights of minorities,
Political, gender-specific, religious and racial persecutors and who open life prospects for these people in the homeland or receiving country,
The abolition of the death penalty,
The minimization of arms and armament exports in crisis areas and to democratically legitimate governments,
The implementation of forward-looking political and ethical principles,
The rights of war victims and other victims of violence.
The award will take place on 10 December, the International Day of Human Rights, in a public, festive context.




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