China Faces Split Into Seven Parts

By Yatish Yadav  |   Published: 13th August 2017 08:14 AM  |

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Chinese President Xi Jinping | File Photo | AP

NEW DELHI: Balkanisation of China seems to be imminent. The so-called unity within the Chinese Communist Party is in tatters as all three factions are involved in a bitter feud. This is likely to intensify in the coming months, triggering the beginning of a revolution and then disintegration of the country into seven independent territories.

The Shanghai faction, led by Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao-led Beijing faction are caught in a covert war with Zhenjiang faction, led by President Xi Jinping, and each one is trying to eliminate the influence of the other in the dirty political game. And, behind the scene is a massive labour unrest, pro-democracy protests against the present regime that hardly find mention in the highly-censored national and international media.

Spies and analysts closely monitoring the growing turbulence in China believe that the collapse is likely to be expedited as unprecedented crackdown against opposition and disappearance of lawyers and human right activists is causing massive chaos in the Chinese hinterland.


Unprecedented crackdown on opposition and disappearance of lawyers and human rights activists is causing massive chaos in the Chinese hinterland. “Thanks to brutal control over media, China has managed to mute news reports about hundreds of protests in provinces. But some underground activists have provided details on what we now know as a major uprising against the Xi Jinping regime ahead of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party,” sources said.

“China is finally reaching a tipping point and Uyghuristan Republic ( Not Xinjiang), Manchuria, Hong Kong, Tibet, Chengdu, Zhangzhung and Shanghai could turn into free nations after a Chinese revolution.” They added that the Chinese government is trying hard to keep the focus on the Doklam standoff and North Korea’s nuclear posturing against the US to rally support for Jinping. Teng Biao, China’s best-known human rights activist and lawyer, told The Sunday Standard from New York that China is escalating the standoff and Jinping is using the occasion to galvanise his dwindling support base.

Teng said some anti-India demonstrations in China are being sponsored by the ruling Communist Party. He also said pro-democracy activists are quietly working to engineer a revolution against China’s one-party rule to install a democratic government.
“We don’t know whether it will take five or 10 years. It is clear that we are not waiting but preparing for another revolution like 1989. Despite the crackdown on social media and blogs by the Jinping regime, activists and lawyers are using other medium to ship out information and assist the revolution,” Teng said.

“The main objective of the Chinese Communist Party is absolute monopoly by any means but we have strengthened the rights groups since early 2000 that have given us the possibility for revolution. The Communist Party, led by Xi Jinping, is also facing major crises between party and people, and an economic crisis.”–1.html

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