Police in China’s Uyghuristan Raid Thousands of Muslim Kazakh Homes

A group of ethnic Kazakhs from China, in undated photo.

A group of ethnic Kazakhs from China, in undated photo.


Chinese authorities in Tekes county in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have searched the homes of 30,000 members of the mostly Muslim Kazakh ethnic group in recent weeks, confiscating copies of the Quran, prayer mats and other religious items, RFA has learned.

An ethnic Kazakh resident of Tekes county, which is in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, said he recently returned to China from a visit to relatives across the border in Kazakhstan to find his hometown a mass of police guarded and mobile checkpoints.

He said his name and ID card number have now been added to a police “wanted” list along with some 60 other ethnic Kazakhs, for “returning to China after a long absence.”

“Between Oct. 25 and Nov. 1, the homes and residences of 30,000 Kazakhs were forcibly searched,” the source said. “They were looking for Qurans, prayer mats and beads, and anything bearing the name of Allah or the prophet Mohammed.”

He said Han Chinese in the area, an estimated 30,000 of whom also spend long periods of time in Kazakhstan, were ignored in the crackdown.

“They confiscated all kinds of religious items,” he said.

An officer who answered the phone at the Tekes county police department on Thursday declined to comment.

“You’ll have to come in person … and ask that. We don’t accept phone calls,” the officer said.

A second source, a Kazakh-language interpreter, confirmed the first source’s account.

“In Tekes county, 30,000 homes were searched by police for Qurans, prayer mats and also clothing bought in Kazakhstan, and anything sent by parcel from Kazakhstan,” the source said. “The police confiscated all of it.”

“I also heard that there are now 60 names on a police blacklist of people from Tekes county who went to visit relatives in Kazakhstan,” he said.

Confiscating religious items

Sources said officials had warned people not to try to hide any items, because if they were subsequently turned up in police raids, “there would be severe consequences.”

Local ethnic minorities are also under huge pressure to attend early morning flag-raising ceremonies, where people stand to attention and the national anthem is played, they said.

The raids in Tekes come after Chinese authorities in Xinjiang ordered ethnic minority Muslim families to hand in religious items including prayer mats and copies of the Quran to the authorities in September.

Officials across Xinjiang have been warning neighborhoods and mosques that ethnic minority Uyghur, Kazakh and Kyrgyz Muslims must hand in the items or face harsh punishment if they are found later, sources in the region told RFA at the time.

Earlier this year, Xinjiang authorities began confiscating all Qurans published more than five years ago due to “extremist content,” according to local officials, amid an ongoing campaign against “illegal” religious items owned by mostly Muslim ethnic Uyghur residents.

The Qurans were appropriated as part of the “Three Illegals and One Item” campaign underway in Xinjiang that bans “illegal” publicity materials, religious activities, and religious teaching, as well as items deemed by authorities to be tools of terrorism—including knives, flammable objects, remote-controlled toys, and objects sporting symbols related to Islam, they said.

Chinese authorities have lately issued orders for ethnic Kazakh Chinese nationals to hand in their passports and Kazakh green cards in some parts of Xinjiang, and have detained hundreds of Kazakhs returning from overseas study or family visits to Kazakhstan, sending them for indefinite terms in “re-education” facilities.

Official figures show that there are around 1.5 million Kazakhs in China, mostly concentrated in and around the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture close to the Kazakhstan border.

China has previously welcomed Kazakhs who wished to relocate from Kazakhstan, with their numbers peaking at nearly 38,000 in 2006. But now many Kazakhs with Chinese nationality are heading back in the other direction.

Reported by Qiao Long for RFA’s Mandarin Service. Translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie.


Uyghur Exile Leadership Passes to ‘Younger Generation’ in Munich Election

World Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa (L) is shown with Omer Kanat (R), chairman of the WUC executive committee, Munich, Germany, Nov. 12, 2017.

World Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa (L) is shown with Omer Kanat (R), chairman of the WUC executive committee, Munich, Germany, Nov. 12, 2017.


Leadership of the exile World Uyghur Congress (WUC) passed to a new generation in an election held in Munich at the weekend, with former WUC general secretary Dolkun Isa voted in as president and long-serving leader Rebiya Kadeer elevated to the honorary post of paramount leader.

Kadeer, who had served as WUC president for almost 11 years, hailed the vote, speaking to RFA’s Uyghur Service from her home in Washington D.C.

“I accept the supervisory role of being paramount leader,” the now 70-year-old Kadeer said. “It is time for the younger generation to take up the leadership role at the WUC.”

Kadeer, a formerly successful businesswoman in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, was released from a Chinese prison in March 2005 on medical parole after being jailed for six years for sending politically sensitive newspaper clippings abroad, and went into exile in the U.S.

Speaking to RFA following his Nov. 12 election, Dolkun Isa thanked the exile Uyghur delegates coming from over a dozen countries who had voted for him.

“I am truly honored and humbled by their love for our motherland and resolve for a free East Turkestan,” Isa said, using the name favored by many Uyghurs for their traditional homeland, a region now claimed by China as Xinjiang.

“I also want to thank our paramount leader Rebiya Kadeer for blessing this Congress, and am looking forward to working with her in the future,” Isa said.

“Her valuable experiences and advice are indispensable to our peaceful struggle for human rights, democracy, and self-determination,” Isa said.

New policy approach

Pointing to what he called China’s intensifying repression in the Xinjiang region, Isa said that he and other newly elected officers of the WUC will soon chart out a new “peaceful and pragmatic” policy approach to securing the Uyghur people’s freedom and rights.

“In the meantime, I call on China’s leaders to respect China’s constitution and regional ethnic autonomy laws, and I urge them to come to the negotiation table to find a permanent solution to the issue of East Turkestan through mutual respect and dialogue.”

Since April, thousands of Uyghurs accused of harboring “extremist” and “politically incorrect” views have been detailed in political re-education camps and prisons throughout Xinjiang, where members of the mostly Muslim ethnic group complain of religious and cultural repression and harassment under Chinese rule.

The crackdown has also seen students who traveled to Egypt for Islamic studies being rounded up by Egyptian authorities at China’s behest, with some taken back to China and most held incommunicado. The incarceration of large numbers of Uyghur males has put pressure on women and children to take over farm chores in Xinjiang.

China regularly conducts “strike hard” campaigns in Xinjiang, including police raids on Uyghur households, restrictions on Islamic practices, and curbs on the culture and language of the Uyghur people, including videos and other material.

While China blames some Uyghurs for “terrorist” attacks, experts outside China say Beijing has exaggerated the threat and that repressive policies in Xinjiang are responsible for an upsurge in violence there that has left hundreds dead since 2009.

Reported and translated by Alim Seytoff for RFA’s Uyghur Service. Written in English by Richard Finney.

AI Criticizes Detention of Uyghur Activist’s Family Members in China


BEIJING – Chinese authorities have in the last few months detained up to 30 relatives of a human rights activist who currently lives in exile in the United States, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday.

Rebiya Kadeer, one of the best known ethnic Uyghur human rights advocates and the former president of the World Uyghur Congress, was in 1999 sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing state secrets but fled to the US in 2005.

“It is unclear when they were taken away, and they are presumed to be arbitrarily detained at an ‘education center.’ They are at high risk of torture and other ill-treatment,” the statement said.

AI believes that the relatives are currently held at one of the many detention facilities that have been established in the  Uyghuristan Autonomous Region.

These centers, referred to as “counter extremism centers” or “education and transformation centers” are known to detain people for 6 to twelve months or more.

China considers that some members of the minority Muslim Uyghur community are part of extremist organizations, like the Turkistan Islamic Movement, and have links to foreign extremist organizations like Islamic State.

According to AI, among those detained is Kadeer’s son Ablikim Abudureyim, who had earlier served 12 years in prison for trying to defend his mother’s rights, as well as Kadeer’s siblings, grandchildren and distant relatives.




East Turkestan: Dolkun Isa Elected as New President of WUC


Photo courtesy of : Modern Diplomacy 

This weekend [11-12 November 2017] in Munich, Germany, Uyghurs living in more than a dozen of different countries gathered to elect UNPO Vice-President Dolkun Isa as the new President of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC). Former President Rebiya Kadeer has passed on her power but remains committed to empower younger generations to strengthen the struggle for Uyghurs’ freedom. While the repression against the Uyghurs has grown stronger over the past months, Dolkun Isa emphasised the need for unity among Uyghurs around the world and his will to cooperate with civil society and governments supporting human rights.

Below is a press release published by the WUC:

The World Uyghur Congress concluded its 6th General Assembly in Munich, Germany by maintaining its firm commitment to supporting the rights of the Uyghur population in East Turkestan. The meeting saw the election of long-time Uyghur activist and co-founder of the WUC, Dolkun Isa, as its new president, as well as the election of the former vice-president, Omer Kanat, as Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Over 100 WUC delegates hailing from 18 countries met from November 10 to 12 to identify and prioritize the issues and challenges that the organization must address, and to develop a working strategy to advance the WUC mission of promoting freedom, human rights, and democracy for the Uyghur people. Delegates also participated in the WUC’s triennial leadership elections.

The opening ceremony was addressed by distinguished guests including current and former Members of the European Parliament, a member of the German Bundestag, politicians from the Bavarian regional government, academics, and leaders of civil society, who all expressed broad support and solidarity for the Uyghur cause.

In his remarks as the newly elected president, Dolkun Isa emphasized the spirit of unity among Uyghurs in exile and WUC’s duty to speak with moral clarity. He pledged to cooperate closely with all civil society and governments supporting freedom and justice, and expressed his firm conviction that the Uyghur people will someday realize their democratic rights and freedoms.

In his new role as chairman of the executive committee, consisting of elected officers residing in a dozen countries, Omer Kanat remarked, “I am pleased with the very strong team we have in place to carry forward the WUC’s work on the pressing issues facing the Uyghur people today.”

In addition, the delegates recognized the unparalleled contributions of former President and long time Uyghur activist Rebiya Kadeer with an honorary role with the organization. Ms. Kadeer reaffirmed her dedication to championing the rights of the Uyghur people and expressed her confidence in the upcoming work of the WUC.

Delegates passed several resolutions underscoring the organization’s commitment to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental spirit of all the rights therein, and its founding principle of pursuing purely peaceful, non-violent action in support of its objectives.

The closing ceremony was centered around a Uyghur cultural event that included a performance by members of the London Uyghur Ensemble, traditional dance and the recitation of poetry. The event allowed members of the Uyghur community from around the world to share in their common culture and heritage as the WUC looks to protect Uyghur identity going forward.



D U Q ning 6-Nöwetlik Pewquladde Wekiller Qurultiyi Gérmaniyening Myunxén Shehiride Axirlashti

D u q reisi dolqun eysa ependi 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde qurultiyining yépilish nutqi sözlimekte. 2017-Yili 12-Noyabir, gérmaniye.

D u q reisi dolqun eysa ependi 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde qurultiyining yépilish nutqi sözlimekte. 2017-Yili 12-Noyabir, gérmaniye.

 RFA/Erkin Tarim

12-Noyabir küni dunya uyghur qurultiyining 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde wekiller qurultiyi gérmaniyening myunxén shehiride axirlashti.

D u q ning 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde qurultiyi 11-Ayning 10-Künidin 12-Künigiche 3 kün dawamlashti. Pewquladde qurultayning yépilish murasimi saet 14:00 te myunxén shehiride ötküzüldi. Yépilish murasimigha dunya uyghur qurultiyigha yéngi saylanghan her derijilik rehberler we 20 dölettin kelgen 120 etrapida wekil qatnashti. Dunya uyghur qurultiyi reisi dolqun eysa ependi yépilish nutqida, bu qétimqi qurultayning muweppeqiyetlik ötkenlikini, birlik-Ittipaqliqning éghizdiki quruq shoar bilen emelge ashmaydighanliqini, emili xizmetler bilen emelge ashurghili bolidighanliqini tekitlidi.

D u q reisi dolqun eysa ependi yéngi saylanghan rehberlerning birlik-Ittipaqliq ichide ishlep, dunya uyghur qurultiyini «sherqiy türkistan xelqi kütüwatqan teleplerni emeliyleshtüreleydighan bir teshkilatqa aylanduridighanliqi» ni bildürdi.

Bu qétimqi qurultay jeryanida bezi yéngi teklipler otturigha qoyuldi. Katipliq we xitay ishliri komitéti, ékologiye komitétigha oxshash yéngi komitétlar quruldi.

Qurultay reisi dolqun eysa ependi nutqida dunya uyghur qurultiyi dunyaning herqaysi jayliridiki teshkilatlar bilen bashqurush -Bashqurulush munasiwitide emes, eksiche hemkarlishish munasiwitide bolidighanliqini, d u q rehberlirining d u q gha eza teshkilatlarning ichki ishlirigha arilishiwalmaydighanliqini jakarlidi.

Buninggha wekiller qandaq qaraydu? qisqisi wekiller dunya uyghur qurultiyining 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde wekiller qurultiyigha qandaq baha berdi? bu heqtiki köz qarishini igilesh üchün neq meydanda amérika qoshma shtatliri, yaponiye, qazaqistan, norwégiye qatarliq döletlerdin kelgen wekillerge mikrofonimizni uzattuq. Ular hemme birdek bu qétimqi qurultayning démokratiyelik ölchemlerge toshidighan shekilde ötküzülgenlikini, «sherqiy türkistan dewasi üchün yéngi bir bashlanghuch bolghanliqi» ni bayan qilishti.

Dunya uyghur qurultiyining 5-Nöwetlik qurultiyi 2016-Yili 7-Ayda parizhda ötküzülüp uzun ötmey dunya uyghur qurultiyida ichki krizis meydangha kélish bilen birlikte uyghur diyarining weziyitimu tarixta körülüp baqmighan bir shekilde éghirlashqan bir weziyette, d u q bu weziyetni nezerde tutup, 6-Nöwetlik pewquladde qurultay chaqirish qarari maqullanghan idi./erkin tarim

Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyining Yéngi Bir Ewlat Rehberlik Heyitini Qizghin Tebrikleymiz We Ulargha Mol Utuq We Netijilerni Tileymiz! 


Gérmaniyening München sheheride Sherqiy Türkistan xelqining qutluq jumhuriyet künliride chaqirilghan 2017 – yili 11 – ayning 10 – künidin 12 – künigiche dawamlashqan 6 – nöwetlik Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyi Saylimida démokratik usulda saylap chiqilghan yéngi bir ewlat rehberlik heyiti toluq demokrattik usulda saylap chiqildi! Dunya Uyghur Qutrultiyining 6-Nöwetlik Reyislikige  Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyining bash katipi Dolqun Eysa ependi, muawin reyislikige  Erkin Ekrem, Perhat Yorungqash qatarliq ependiler mutleq köp sanliq awaz bilen layiq körüldi!

Dunya Uyghur Qutrultiyining 6-Nöwetlik saylimida yéngi bir nöwetlik rehberlik aparati töwendikidek boldi:

DUQ ning reyisi : Dolqun Isa ependi saylandi
DUQ ning muawin reyisliri : Erkin Ekrem, Perhat Yorungqash qatarliq ependiler saylandi
DUQ ijrahiye komitetining reyisi : Ömer Qanat ependi saylandi
DUQ ijrahiye komitetining muawin reyisliri : Semet Abla, Erkin Ehmet qatarliq ependiler saylandi
DUQ ning bash teptishi : Ablikim Idris ependi saylandi
DUQ ning muawin bash teptishliri : Polat Sayim, Perhat Yaqup qatarliq ependiler saylandi
DUQ ning bayanatchisi : Dilshat Reshit ependi saylandi
DUQ ning katipi : Erkin Emet ependi saylandi
DUQ ichki ishlar komitetining mudiri : Hamuthan Köktürk ependi saylandi
DUQ muhajirlar komitetining mudiri : Memet Tohti ependi saylandi
DUQ xitay ishliri komitetining mudiri : Ilshat Hesen Kökböre ependi saylandi
DUQ dinniy ishlar komitetining mudiri : Turghunjan Alawuddun Hajim saylandi
DUQ fondining Mudiri : Abdujelil Emet Qarihajim saylandi
DUQ teshwiqat komitetining mudiri : Ekrem Hezim ependi saylandi
DUQ ayallar komitetining mudiri : Amangül Aziz xanim saylandi
DUQ tetqiqat komitetining mudiri : Enwer Ehmet ependi saylandi
DUQ kishilik hoqoq komitetining mudiri : Zubayre Shemsiddin xanim saylandi
DUQ maarip komitetining mudiri : Dilnur Qasimowa xanim saylandi
DUQ mediniyet komitetining mudiri : Zeynidin Tursun ependi saylandi
DUQ yashlar komitetining mudiri : Gheyur Qurban ependi saylandi
DUQ ekilogiye komitetining mudiri : Enwer Tohti ependi saylandi
DUQ neshriyat komitetining mudiri : Abdujelil Turan ependi saylandi
DUQ ning Qirghizistandiki wakaletchisi : Rozimemet Hajim ependi saylandi
DUQ ning Yaponiyediki wakaletchisi : Ilham Mahmut ependi qatarliqlar saylandi !
DUQ ning simiwolluq aliy Rehberlikige: Rabiye Qadir. DUQ ning meslihetchilikige : Qehriman Ghojamberdi, Riza Semedi, Tursun Islam, Seyit Taranchi qatarliq ependiler körsütüldi!
Mubarek bolsun! Xelqimizning Közi Ayding Bolsun!

Biz Sherqiy Türkistan Jumhuriyiti Sürgündiki Hökümiti Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyini We Uyghuristan Aliy Qurultayining Yengi Rehberlik Apparatida Wezipige Teyinlengen Sebdashlarni Tebrikleymiz! Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyigha We Yéngi Rehberlik Heyyitige Mol Utuqlarni Tileymiz We Aliy Ehtiramimizni Bildürimiz!


Sherqiy Türkistan Jumhuriyiti Sürgündilki Hökümiti

-Neshriyat-Axbarat Kommésiyoni

13.11.2017 Gérmaniye