Stop China from Burning Millions of Uyghur Books!

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Uyghur (ئۇيغۇرچە )

April 28th, 2018

According to a report by ChinaAid on April 2nd, 2018 ( the Chinese government started confiscating and burning Uyghur-language books in various parts of East Turkestan. The regime ordered the Uyghur students and their parents to bring the Uyghur-language books from their houses, and warned them that they will be arrested if there are any books found when their houses are searched.

As one of the ancient peoples in the heart of Central Asia, Uyghurs have rich cultural heritage and literary tradition. However, Uyghurs are now facing unprecedented and unimaginable ethnic oppression and cultural genocide by the Chinese regime. One heinous example of this cultural genocide is burning of Uyghur language books.

The Chinese communist regime has carried out numerous large-scale book burning and cultural heritage destruction policies after its occupation of East Turkestan in 1949. During the so-called “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976), most of the historical documents and literary treasures of the Uyghurs were destroyed. The thousand-year old Uyghur Arabic alphabet was outlawed and replaced by an alphabet based on the Chinese Pinyin system. At the same time, the books in the Uyghur Arabic Alphabet were labeled as “reactionary” and were confiscated and burned. After a brief period of revival of Uyghur culture and literature during the 1980s, the Uyghur language books once again started facing inspection and confiscation since the 1990s.

According to a 2002 report by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) ( the Chinese regime confiscated and burned more than 730 types of books in Kashgar, East Turkestan. Those books included such works as “A Brief History of the Huns” and “Ancient Uyghur Literature” by famous Uyghur author and historian Turghun Almas. Among the hundreds of thousands of books burned, there were 32,320 copies of a single book titled “Ancient Uyghur Craftsmanship”. This book was deemed “dangerous” and banned just because it contained historical documents about traditional Uyghur hand craftsmanship, such as paper making. In the same year, Uyghur language books published by the Kashgar Uyghur Publishing House were inspected and 330 types of books were deemed “problematic”. Those books were stopped from future re-printing and were confiscated and burned.

According to a report by Nicholas Bequelin and published by the Human Rights in China (HRIC) ( in 2002, the Chinese regime banned 52 out of the 118 magazines published in East Turkestan at the time because of their “sensitive” contents. According to a November 2, 2006 report by Tangritagh (Tian’shan) Net, an official Chinese propaganda website, so-called “Autonomous Regional” Government in East Turkestan organized a “One Hundred-Day Crackdown Against Illegal Publications” special meeting and burned 215,943 copies of Uyghur-language books.

After the appointment of Chen Quanguo as the Communist Party chief in East Turkestan in August 2016, the Uyghur language has been outlawed as a medium in the entire educational field. Meanwhile, the Chinese regime stepped up their policy of confiscating and burning Uyghur- language books, including books about Uyghur history, culture and Islam, as well as other cultural and religious materials, such as Uyghur-related pictures, audio-video materials, praying rugs, etc. Not only the Chinese regime is banning and burning the Uyghur language books, but it is also giving out 5 to 20 year jail terms for those Uyghurs who either have read or kept the banned books. In addition, the regime has been arresting Uyghur authors, editors, singers, artists, and religious scholars. Even some retired editors have also been arrested for the work that they did before their retirement. In June, 2017, the Chinese regime broke into the house of 80-year old Uyghur author/writer Mirzahid Kerimi and confiscated historical novels he authored and other books in his house.

In this day and age, there are not many places in the World other than East Turkestan, where people can be arbitrarily detained, arrested and severely punished just because they have read a book. The burning of the Uyghur language books, the eradication of the Uyghur cultural heritage and the punishment of the Uyghur authors are not only an affront to Uyghurs in East Turkestan, but also an unforgivable insult to any human being who loves and cherishes freedom and knowledge. Such criminal action of the Chinese regime against Uyghurs is also a cultural genocide against humanity.

We, the Uyghurs, are powerless and helpless at the moment in our fight against the Chinese government’s atrocities, and cannot fight this battle for our survival alone.  We need the support of all the justice-loving people in the world.  If tens of thousands of people from around the world sign our petition, it may be possible that the United Nations will make a commitment and will act to stop the tragedy that the Uyghur people are facing today.

To read the full text of this petition, please click HERE.

Please join us in our fight to end the appalling atrocities happening in East Turkestan. Please spread the word so that people around the world could learn about the cultural genocide happening in East Turkestan. Please sign and share this petition. Thank you!

Awstraliyede Xitayning Teqiblesh Siyasitige Qarshi Naraziliq Namayishi Ötküzüldi

27-Aprél awstraliyening adlayit shehiride ötküzülgen namayishtin bir körünüsh. 2018-Yil 27-aprél. Adlayit, awstraliye.

27-Aprél awstraliyening adlayit shehiride ötküzülgen namayishtin bir körünüsh. 2018-Yil 27-aprél. Adlayit, awstraliye.

 Social Media

27-Aprél küni bélgiye paytexti biryusséldiki yawropa parlaméntining aldida ötküzülgen “5000 Kishilik namayish” pa’aliyitini qollash shundaqla xitayning nöwette Uyghurlargha élip bériwatqan éghir bésim siyasitige naraziliq bildürüsh meqsiti bilen awstraliyening adlayit shehirining merkizidiki wiktoriye meydanida namayish ötküzülgen. Awstraliye sherqiy türkistan jem’iyiti uyushturghan namayishqa 400din artuq kishi ishtirak qilghan. Biz neq meydan’gha téléfon qilip, namayish heqqide melumat igiliduq. Uyghur pa’aliyetchi perizat gheyret xanim neq meydandin bu namayishning 27-aprél küni chüshtin kéyin adlayit shehirining merkizide ötküzülüwatqanliqini, namayishqa Uyghurlardin sirt, tatar, özbék we qazaqqa oxshash qérindash milletlerdin bolup, 400 etrapida kishining ishtirak qiliwatqanliqini bayan qildi.

Awstraliye uzun yillardin béri Uyghurlar izchil halda xitaygha qarshi naraziliq namayishi ötküzüp kéliwatqan döletlerdin biri hésablinidu. Undaqta bu qétimqi namayishning burunqi namayishqa oxshimaydighan teripi néme? perizat gheyret xanim bu qétimqi namayishqa burun namayishlargha qatniship baqmighan köp sanda Uyghurningmu ishtirak qilghanliqini bayan qildi.

Adlayitta élip bérilghan namayishqa awstraliyede ziyaret élip bériwatqan türkiyediki sherqiy türkistan ma’arip we hemkarliq jem’iyiti re’isi hidayet oghuzxan ependimu qatnashqan. U, namayishning nahayiti yaxshi ötüwatqanliqini, biryusséldiki “5000 Kishilik namayish” pa’aliyitini qollash meqsitide ötküzülgen namayishning zor ehmiyetke ige ikenlikini tekitlidi.
Uyghurlar jenubiy awstraliyening merkizi adlayitta ötküzülgen namayish jeryanida Uyghurlarning nöwettiki éghir weziyiti tonushturulghan köp sandiki waraqchilarni tarqatqan bolup, neq meydandin radiyomizgha melumat bergen perizat gheyret xanim namayishning sheherning eng awat rayonida ötküzülgenlikini, namayish ehlining Uyghurlarning éghir weziyitini kishilerge bir tereptin aghzaki anglatsa, yene bir tereptin waraqche tarqitish arqiliq anglitiwatqanliqini, awstraliyeliklerning Uyghurlargha bolghan hésdashliqlirini ipadileshkenlikini bayan qildi.

Biz namayish axirida namayishni uyushturghan awstraliye sherqiy türkistan jem’iyiti re’isi nurmemet ependi bilen téléfon söhbiti élip barduq. U, namayishning közligen meqsitige yetkenlikini, bu namayish arqiliq nurghun kishining hésdashliqini qolgha keltürgenlikini bayan qildi.

27-Aprél küni yawropa ittipaqining merkizi biryussélda ötküzülgen namayishni qollash üchün awstraliyedin sirt yaponiyening paytexti tokyodiki xitay elchixanisining aldidimu namayish ötküzülgen.erkin tarim

Yawropa Parlaménti Aldida Muhajirettiki Uyghurlarning Zor Namayishi Ötküzüldi

Bélgiye paytexti biryussélda ötküzülgen zor kölemlik namayishtin bir körünüsh. 2018-Yil 27-aprél. Biryussél, bélgiye.

Bélgiye paytexti biryussélda ötküzülgen zor kölemlik namayishtin bir körünüsh. 2018-Yil 27-aprél. Biryussél, bélgiye.


Bügün, yeni 4-ayning 27-küni dunyaning jay-jayliridin kelgen minglighan Uyghurlar bélgiye paytexti biryussélgha jem bolup, Uyghurlarning muhajiret tarixidiki kölimi eng zor bolghan namayishlarning birini ötküzdi.

Bu qétimliq zor namayish biryussél waqti etigen sa’et 10:00 da “Sherqiy türkistan istiqlal marshi” bilen bashlandi.

Namayishning bashlinish murasimigha dunya Uyghur qurultiyi ijra’iye komitétining re’isi ömer qanat ependi riyasetchilik qildi. U, bu qétimliq namayishning bir tarix yaratqanliqini, uning muhajirettiki Uyghurlarning milliy dawa tarixidiki eng chong namayishlarning biri ikenlikini tekitlep ötti.

Bashlinish murasimida tunji bolup d u q ning aliy rehbiri rabiye qadir xanim söz aldi. U, bu qétimliq namayishni chet’eldiki Uyghurlar élip barghan bolsimu, emma ularni qozghatquchi piltining del Uyghurlar wetinide xitayning teqipi astigha élin’ghan milyonlarche Uyghurning échinishliq ré’alliqi bolghanliqini eskertip ötti.

Rabiye qadir xanimdin kéyin d u q ning re’isi dolqun eysa ependi söz qildi. U, bu qétimliq namayishning xitayning “Yighiwélish lagérliri” gha soliwélin’ghan bir milyondek Uyghurgha medet bérish, ularning yalghuz emeslikini, dunyaning ularni tashlap qoymaydighanliqini bildürüp qoyush üchün uyushturulghanliqini alahide tekitlidi.

Neq meydandin namayish heqqide uchur bériwatqan gérmaniyediki ixtiyariy muxbirimiz ekrem bu qétimliq namayishning bashlinish murasimida dunyaning jay-jayliridiki 30 gha yéqin Uyghur teshkilatliri we jama’et wekillirining qisqiche söz qilghanliqini bildürdi.

Ulardin qazaqistandin kelgen Uyghur jama’et wekili dinare xanim, qirghizistandin kelgen Uyghur jama’et wekili rozi hajim, gollandiye sherqiy türkistan ma’arip jem’iyitining re’isi eysa qarim, norwégiye Uyghur komitétining re’isi bextiyar ependi, amérikidin bérip namayishqa qatnashqan roshen abbas xanim, shiwétsiye Uyghur ma’arip uyushmisining re’isi abdulla kökyar ependi we kanadadin kelgen Uyghur jama’iti wekili bextiyar shemshidin qatarliqlar tesirlik nutuqlar sözlep, namayish meydanini lerzige salghan.

Neq meydandin xewer bériwatqan ixtiyariy muxbirimiz ekrem, bügünki namayishqa dunyaning herqaysi elliridin okyan atlap kelgen minglighan Uyghurlarning ishtirak qilghanliqini, hetta bezi a’ililerning bowaq balilirini harwigha sélip namayish meydanigha yétip kelgenlikini bildürdi.

Muxbirimiz ekremning bildürüshiche, Uyghur namayishchilar biryussél kochilirida ajayip daghdughiliq menzire hasil qilghan. Namayishchilar sépi nechche ming métirgha sozulup, ay-yultuzluq kök bayraqlar yawropa parlaménti aldidiki meydanni köp-kök adem déngizigha aylandurghan.

Diqqet qozghaydighan bir nuqta shuki, biryusséldiki bu zor namayish xitayning chet’ellerdiki jasusluq torining diqqet nuqtisida turghanliqidur.

Muxbirimiz ekremning neq meydandin igilishiche, bir jüp xitay qiz-yigit gumandar namayish bashlinishi bilen namayishchilarning arqidin songdiship méngip toxtimastin resimge tartqan we namayishchilarni filimge alghan. Namayish sépini qoghdap mangghan bélgiye saqchiliri ehwalni bayqap, bu bir jüp xitay qiz-yigit gumandarni neq meydanda tutup élip ketken. Neq meydandin süretke élin’ghan bu heqtiki körünüshler féysbuk qatarliq ijtima’iy taratqularda tarqitilghan.

Etigen sa’et 10:00 bashlan’ghan bu zor namayish 4 sa’et dawamliship, chüshtin kéyin sa’et 2:00 din ashqanda axirlashqan.ekrem

Prominent Uyghur Scholar Detained in Uyghuristan Capital Urumqi: Official

Abdulqadir Jalaleddin in an undated photo.

Abdulqadir Jalaleddin in an undated photo.

 Photo courtesy of an RFA listener

Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) have detained prominent Uyghur professor and poet Abdulqadir Jalaleddin and are believed to be holding him in one of the region’s many “political re-education camps,” according to a local official.

On Monday, Munich-based World Uyghur Congress issued a statement condemning the detention of Jalaleddin, citing reports that police had raided his home on Jan. 29, placed a black hood over his head and arrested him.

“The Chinese government has provided no justification for his arrest and he has not been publicly charged with any crime, despite his continued detention,” the statement said, adding that Jalaleddin is among many Uyghur writers, scholars, academics and journalists held in the XUAR.

The WUC urged the international community to “push back against these efforts” and raise such cases to ensure accountability for human rights violations in the region.

The statement followed reports last month from RFA listeners, as well as from the Munich-based East Turkistan Information Centre, that Jalaleddin—a lecturer at the Xinjiang Pedagogical University in the XUAR capital Urumqi—had been arrested by Chinese State Security Police.

Officials who answered calls from RFA’s Uyghur Service to Urumqi’s Tengritagh (in Chinese, Tianshan) District Police Station, Ulanbay District Police Station, and Xinjiang Normal University in recent days said they were unaware of Jalaleddin’s detention and refused to answer further questions.

But an official who answered the phone at a branch office of the Xinjiang Pedagogical University Security Department told RFA that the professor hadn’t been seen since classes broke for winter vacation—around three months earlier.

“We saw him before the winter vacation, but since we returned from holiday we haven’t seen him,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“We heard that he has been taken for re-education. The university knows about it, but we have not been officially informed yet.”

The official referred further questions to Feng Wenchang, the head of political affairs for the university’s Public Security Office.

During a telephone interview, Feng checked a “list of arrested university staff” and confirmed that Jalaleddin had been detained.

“I can see here that he was taken away by the Urumqi State Security Police on Jan. 29,” he said, adding that “no other information” was available about his case.

Vast network

Since April 2017, Uyghurs accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” views have been jailed or detained in re-education camps throughout the XUAR, where members of the ethnic group have long complained of pervasive discrimination, religious repression, and cultural suppression under Chinese rule.

China’s central government authorities have not publicly acknowledged the existence of re-education camps in the XUAR, and the number of inmates kept in each facility remains a closely guarded secret, but local officials in many parts of the region have in RFA telephone interviews forthrightly described sending significant numbers of Uyghurs to the camps and even described overcrowding in some facilities.

Maya Wang of the New York-based Human Rights Watch told The Guardian in January that estimates of XUAR residents who had spent time in the camps went as high as 800,000, while at least one Uyghur exile group estimates that up to 1 million Uyghurs have been detained throughout the region since April 2017, and some Uyghur activists say nearly every Uyghur household has been affected by the campaign.

On the same day Jalaleddin was detained, RFA received reports that prominent Uyghur Islamic scholar Muhammad Salih Hajim had died in Chinese police custody, some 40 days after he was detained at a re-educaiton camp in Urumqi.

The exact circumstances of his death are unknown, but sources have suggested Hajim was subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment during his detention.

Since Xinjiang party chief Chen was appointed to his post in August 2016, he has initiated unprecedented repressive measures against the Uyghur people and ideological purges against so-called “two-faced” Uyghur officials—a term applied by the government to Uyghurs who do not willingly follow directives and exhibit signs of “disloyalty.”

China regularly conducts “strike hard” campaigns in Xinjiang, including police raids on Uyghur households, restrictions on Islamic practices, and curbs on the culture and language of the Uyghur people, including videos and other material.

While China blames some Uyghurs for “terrorist” attacks, experts outside China say Beijing has exaggerated the threat from the Uyghurs and that repressive domestic policies are responsible for an upsurge in violence there that has left hundreds dead since 2009.

Reported by by Shohret Hoshur for RFA’s Uyghur Service. Translated by RFA’s Uyghur Service. Written in English by Joshua Lipes.

Analizchilar: “Wang yaning Sözi Xitayning Uyghurlarni Dawamliq Basturushidin Dérek Béridu”

Uyghur mesilisige mes'ul aliy derijilik emeldari wang yang(solda) bilen  Uyghur rayoni partkom sékrétari chén chüen'go mekteplerni közdin kechürmekte. 2018-Yili 10-aprél, xoten.

Uyghur mesilisige mes’ul aliy derijilik emeldari wang yang(solda) bilen Uyghur rayoni partkom sékrétari chén chüen’go mekteplerni közdin kechürmekte. 2018-Yili 10-aprél, xoten.

Photo: RFA

Xitayning Uyghur mesilisige mes’ul aliy derijilik emeldari wang yang yéqinda Uyghur aptonom rayonigha qilghan ziyaritide mezkur rayondiki yuqiri bésimliq qattiq basturush siyasitini dawamlashturidighanliqini, bingtu’enning jenubiy Uyghur rayonigha kéngiyishini yenimu tézlitidighanliqini tekitligen.

Wang yangning körsitishiche, xitay hökümiti hazirgha qeder Uyghur aptonom rayonida yolgha qoyghan siyaset we tedbirler bu rayondiki “Uzun mezgillik eminlik mesilisini tüp yiltizidin hel qilishning asasini salghan.”

U mezkur rayonda “Diniy ashqunluq” körünerlik cheklinip, téximu muqim we bixeter menzire yaritilghanliqi, “Qanun-tertipning körünerlik yaxshilinip, shinjangdiki her millet kadir we ammisining bixeterlik tuyghusi kücheygenliki” ni tekitligen bolsimu, lékin yerlik emeldarlarning “3 Xil küchler” ge qarshi yuqiri bésimliq siyasetni dawamlashturup, “Xata idiyelerge qarshi turushni, jenubiy shinjangda namratliqqa qarshi turup, diniy ashqunluqni yoqitishi” ni telep qilghan.

Bu wang yangning 2017‏-yili xitay kompartiyesi siyasiy byurosining da’imiy ezaliqigha, bu yil 3‏-ayda ayda xitay memliketlik siyasiy kéngishining re’islikige östürülüp, xitay merkizi hökümitining “Shinjang xizmiti” ge rehberlik qilish hoquqini ötküzüwalghandin béri tunji qétim Uyghur rayonini ziyaret qilishi we Uyghur rayonidiki xitay emeldarlirigha yol-yoruq bérishi iken.

Kishilik hoquq teshkilatlirining ilgiri sürüshiche, ular wang yangning sözige heyran qalmighan. Gérmaniyediki “Tehdit astidiki xelqler teshkilati” ning re’isi ulrix déli’us peyshenbe küni ziyaritimizni qobul qilip, xitay rehbirining “Bashqichirek sözlishini kütmigen iduq,” dédi.

Ulrix déli’us mundaq deydu: “Biz uning bayanatini anglap heyran qalmiduq. Biz xitay aliy rehberlirining, ‘sherqiy türkistandiki siyasitimizni özgertishni oylishimiz, biz siyasitimizni özgertishimiz kérek. Sherqiy türkistandiki Uyghurlar we bizning xelqimizdiki wehimilerni hés qilduq. Biz buninggha köngül bölimiz. Biz oxshimighan étnik milletler bilen bolghan öz ara chüshenchini algha sürüshini, kishilik hoquqqa hörmet qilishni oylishimiz,’ déyishini kütüwatqinimizgha nechche on yillar boldi. Lékin biz hazirqi shara’itta xitay hökümitining siyasitide bir özgirish bolushini kütmeymiz. Hazirche bu hökümetning sherqiy türkistanda kishilik hoquqqa emel qilishining héchqandaq béshariti yoq.”

Wang yangning Uyghur rayonidiki ziyariti amérikining diqqiti bu rayondiki “Yépiq terbiyelesh merkezliri” ge buralghan bir mezgilge toghra keldi. Amérikining muweqqet yardemchi dölet ishlar ministiri lawra ston 18‏-aprél béyjingda “Magnitiskiy qanuni” ni ishqa sélip, Uyghur rayonida kishilik hoquqni depsende qilghan xitay emeldarlirini jazalishi mumkinlikini bildürgen. U, “Tümenligen” Uyghur we bashqa musulmanlarning bu lagérlarda tutup turuluwatqanliqini tekitligen idi.

Mutexessisler, wang yang bezi chet’elliklerning neziride xitay kompartiyesi ichidiki nisbeten libéral xitay emeldari, dep qaralsimu, lékin uning Uyghur rayonida téximu qattiq qol siyaset yürgüzüshi mumkinlikini bildürdi.

Türkiye istratégiyelik chüshenchiler institutining mutexessisi, doktor erkin ekrem mundaq deydu: “Wang yangni yü jéngshingdinmu qattiqraq bolidu, dep oylaymen. Chünki, birinchidin, wang yang bu tüzümning ichidiki adem. U hazirqi tüzümni bir chetke qayrip qoyup, bir ish qilalmaydu. Tüzüm buninggha yol qoymaydu. Ikkinchidin, shi jinpingning siyasitini belgileydighan yaki uninggha meslihet béridighan kishilerning biri wang xuning, yene biri li jenshu. Li jenshu bi’olen wang xuning sherqiy türkistan siyasitide bir nerse démise, wang yang libéral siyaset yürgüzelmeydu, dep oylaymen. U sherqiy türkistan mesiliside bir netije körsitishi kérek. Shunga, netije körsitimen, dep téximu qattiq qol bolushi mumkin.”

Wang yang Uyghur rayonidiki ziyaritide yene bingtu’enning muqimliq mesilisidiki ornini alahide tekitligen. U, bingtu’enning fonkitsiyelik méxanizmi, merkezning “Shinjang xizmitini orunlashturush heqqidiki bash nishani” ni emelge ashurushtiki rolini jari qildurushni, uni Uyghur élining jenubiydiki oblast, wilayetlerge kéngeytishni yenimu tézlitishni tekitligen.

Doktor erkin ekremning qarishiche, xitayning bingtu’enni jenubiy Uyghur élidiki oblast, wilayetlerge kéngeytishtiki meqsiti bu rayondiki xitay nopusining azlap kétishi peyda qilghan boshluqni toldurush iken.

Erkin ekrem mundaq deydu: “Biz eger sherqiy türkistan xeritisige qaraydighan bolsaq, bingtu’enning Uyghurlar merkezlik olturaqlashqan rayonlarni muhasirige alghan weziyetni körighiz. Xitay uningghimu yetmey yene Uyghurlar toplan’ghan rayonlargha xitay nopusini yötkeymiz dégen bolsa, dimekki, yene bir endishisi bar. Ensireshning bir sewebi belkim, 2009‏-yili ‘ürümchi weqesi’ din kéyin nurghun xitaylar sherqiy türkistandin köchüp ketti. Bir chaghlarda xitaylar sherqiy türkistan nopusining 41% ni teshkil qilidu, dep qarilatti. Hazir bezi matériyallarda 37%, bezi matériyallarda 34 % dep yéziliwétiptu. Shunga, qachqan xitay nopusining ornini bingtu’en bilen toluqlisaq, dep oylawatqan bolushi mumkin.”

Lékin “Tehdit astidiki xelqler jem’iyiti” diki déli’usining ilgiri sürüshiche, wang yangning sözi xitayning muqimliq chüshenchisi bilen xelq’araning neziridiki muqimliq chüshenchisining perqlinidighanliqini körsitip bergen. Déli’us xitayning “Sherqiy türkistan” da Uyghurlarsiz muqimliq qurmaqchi boluwatqanliqini bildürdi.

Ulrix déli’us yene mundaq deydu: “Ular kishilik hoquq kürishi qilidighan Uyghurlargha qarshi turupla qalmay, kompartiye ezasi bolghan Uyghurlarghimu qarshi turup, nishanini pütün Uyghurlargha qaratti. Bu xil étnik nuqti’inezerni chüshenmek müshkül. Chünki, ularning meqsiti heqiqeten sherqiy türkistanda muqimliq yaritish bolghan bolsa, kompartiye ezasi Uyghurlarning qollishigha éhtiyaji chüshetti. Biraq ular Uyghurlarda héchkimni ishenchlik yardemchi, dep qarimaywatidu. Bu ehwalda ularning sherqiy türkistanda muqimliqni qandaq emelge ashuridighanliqini chüshinelmeywatimen.”

Wang yang Uyghur rayonidiki hazirqi nispiy timtasliqning sewebini xitay da’irilirining bu rayondiki qattiq amanliq tedbirlirige we idé’ologiyelik kontrolluqning netijisige baghlighan. Lékin kishilik hoquq teshkilatlirining qarishiche, bu nispiy timtasliqning arqisida éghir tragédiyeler yoshurun’ghaniken. Bu teshkilatlar xitay hökümitining az dégende bir milyondek Uyghurni “Yépiq terbiyelesh lagérliri” gha qamap, Uyghur jem’iyitining ijtima’iy, iqtisadi, medeniyet we kündilik hayatini qiyin halgha chüshürüp qoyghanliqini eskertip keldi.


En’gliye Parlaméntida Uyghurlarning Éghir Weziyiti Heqqidimu Guwahliq Bérildi

En'gliye parlaméntida "Eng qarangghu minutlar" mawzuluq guwahliq bérish yighinigha qatnashquchilar. 2018-Yili 18-aprél, london.

En’gliye parlaméntida “Eng qarangghu minutlar” mawzuluq guwahliq bérish yighinigha qatnashquchilar. 2018-Yili 18-aprél, london.

 RFA/Erkin Tarim

4-Ayning 18-küni en’gliye parlaméntida “Eng qarangghu minutlar” mawzuluq guwahliq bérish yighini ötküzüldi. Yighinda Uyghurlarning bügünki weziyitimu anglitildi.

En’gliye parlaménti kishilik hoquq komissiyonining ezasi fi’ona bruké xanim bilen en’gliyediki kishilik hoquq pa’aliyetchisi we yazghuchi bénédékt rogérs uyushturghan bu qétimliq guwahliq bérish yighinida xitay wiyétnamdin tutup kétip ömürlük qamaq jazasigha höküm qilghan wang bingjangning akisi bilen teywenlik kishilik hoquq pa’aliyetchisi li mingchining ayali guwahliq bergen.

Bügünki guwahliq bérish yighinida Uyghurlarning nöwettiki éghir weziyiti toghrisida londondiki Uyghur pa’aliyetchi rahime mexmut xanim bilen “Xitaygha yardem” fondining re’isi bolup fu ependi guwahliq bergen. Rehime mexmut xanim bu heqte ziyaritimizni qobul qilip, en’gliye parlaméntida ötküzülgen guwahliq bérish yighini heqqide melumat berdi.

Arqidin bash shtabi amérikidiki “Xitaygha yardem” fondining re’isi bolup fu ependi xitaydiki diniy bésim toghrisida guwahliq bergen. Rehime mehmut xanimning bildürüshiche, bob fu ependi nöwette Uyghurlarning béshigha kéliwatqan éghir derijidiki diniy cheklimiler, atalmish “Terbiyelesh lagérliri” toghrisida 15 minuttek melumat bergen.

Xewerlerge asaslan’ghanda, ötken yili 7-aydin tartip köp sanda Uyghurlar atalmish “Terbiyelesh merkizi” namidiki lagérlargha qamalghan bolup, bularning ichide chet’elde pa’aliyet élip bériwatqan Uyghur pa’aliyetchilerningmu ata-aniliri, uruq-tughqanliri bar iken. Uyghur pa’aliyetchi rehime mexmut xanim 18-aprélda en’gliye parlaméntida ötküzülgen guwahliq bérish yighinida bu heqte tepsiliy melumat bérgenlikini bayan qildi.

Rahime mexmut xanim ziyaritimiz jeryanida yene parlaménttiki kishilik hoquq komissiyonining bügünki guwahliq bérish yighinlirida chüshken pikirlerni retlep we mexsus doklat teyyarlap, en’gliye parlaméntigha we en’gliye hökümitige sunidighanliqini bayan qildi.

Igilinishiche, en’gliye parlaméntida 2016-yilidin tartip “Eng qarangghu minutlar” témisida guwahliq bérish yighini ötküzülüp kelmekte iken. Uyghur en’gliyediki Uyghur pa’aliyetchi enwer toxti ependi “Eng qarangghu minutlar” namliq guwahliq bérish yighinida xitaydiki organ yötkesh mesilisi boyiche guwahliq bergen iken.

 erkin tarim

Mutexessisler: “Uyghuristandiki Nepes Yoli we Ösme Késelliklirini Muhit Bulghinishi Keltürüp Chiqarghan”

Korla néfitlikining bulghan'ghan hawasi. 2006-Yili 10-öktebir.

Korla néfitlikining bulghan’ghan hawasi. 2006-Yili 10-öktebir.


Chet’ellerdiki bir qisim muhit mutexessisliri bilen tébbiy xadimlar Uyghur diyaridiki muhit bulghinishi heqqide toxtilip, yéqinqi yillardin buyan rayonda barghanséri köpiyiwatqan nepes yoli we ösme késelliklirige muhit bulghinishining biwasite seweb boluwatqanliqini otturigha qoydi.

Ular, yéqinqi 20 yildin buyan xitay hökümitining Uyghur élida shiddet bilen kan bayliqlirini échishi, bolupmu rayondiki kömür, tömür, mis we bashqa qézilma bayliqlarni heddidin artuq qézishi shuningdek kömürgaz zawutlirini köplep qurushi tüpeylidin rayon muhitining éghir derijide bulghan’ghanliqini tilgha élishmaqta. Ular yene bu ehwalning rayonda yashawatqan Uyghur qatarliq yerlik xelqlerde burun yallughi, öpke yallughi, kanay-boghuz yallughi qatarliq nepes yoli késellirini hemde qizil önggech raki, ashqazan raki, üchey raki, limfa raki, jiger raki ayallardiki emchek raki we baliyatqu raki qatarliq yaman süpetlik ösme késellirini keltürüp chiqiriwatqanliqini tekitlimekte.

21-Apréldiki “Dunya yershari küni” munasiwiti bilen Uyghur muhit mutexessisliridin doktor muxter chong radiyomiz ziyaritini qobul qildi. U ilgiri shinjang uniwérsitétining jughrapiye fakultétida xizmet qilghan bolup, kéyinche yaponiyede Uyghur diyarining ékologiyelik muhiti boyiche tetqiqat élip barghan idi. U, Uyghur diyaridiki muhit mesilisi we uning tesiri heqqide öz qarashlirimu bayan qildi.

Uning qarishiche, tarim oymanliqida néfit we tebi’iy gaz qatarliq yer asti bayliqlirini heddidin ziyade échishtek insanlar teripidin sün’iy yosunda peyda qilin’ghan muhit buzghunchiliqi eslidinla hawa kilimati qurghaq bolghan xoten, qeshqer, aqsu qatarliq jenubiy Uyghur diyaridiki bostanliqlarning qumlishishini, su yüzining töwenlishini, toghraq-yantaq qatarliq tebi’iy orman yaki yépincha ösümlüklerning qurup kétishini, boranliq we chang-tozanliq künlerning köpiyishini keltürüp chiqarghan. Buning netijiside Uyghur diyarida, bolupmu jenubiy Uyghur diyarida yashaydighan yerlik ahaliler arisida türlük ösme késelliri we nepes yoli késelliklirining ewj élishidek bir yaman ehwal körülüshke bashlighan.

Tébbiy sahediki Uyghur mutexessislermu bu heqte ziyaritimizni qobul qilip, pikir bayan qildi. Ilgiri Uyghur aptonom rayonluq ösme késellikler doxturxanisining doxturi bolghan, kéyinche yaponiyede gén tetqiqati we ösme késelliri boyiche doktorluq ilmiy unwanigha érishken, hazir washin’gtondiki melum doxturxanida ishlewatqan jür’et obul ependimu bu heqte öz qarashlirini bayan qildi.

Uning bildürüshiche, Uyghur diyaridiki ösme késelliri we nepes yoli késelliklirining nisbiti xitaydiki herqandaq bir ölke we rayondin éghir iken. Buning asasliq sewebini Uyghur diyarida ötken esirning 60-yilliridin 90-yillarning otturilirigha qeder élip bérilghan atom sinaqliri bilen yéqinqi 30 yildin buyan rayonda körülgen éghir derijidiki muhit bulghinishidin izdeshke bolidiken.

Muhajirettiki Uyghurlardin bir qisim kishilermu bu heqte pikir bayan qilip, ilgiri özliri körgen yaki shahit bolghan muhitqa da’ir bezi tepsilatlarni bayan qilip ötti. Kanadada yashawatqan mukerrem xanim ene shulardin biri. U ilgiri Uyghur aptonom rayonluq kömür kan nazaritining ürümchi shorbulaqtiki kömürkan-ximiye zawutida uzun yil ishligen iken. U ilgiri özi ishligen mezkur zawutta körgen ehwallarni bayan qildi.

Uning bildürüshiche, ürümchi shehiridiki ahaliler rayonigha qurulghan bu zawutta kömür kanlarni partlitidighan partlatquch dorilar ishlepchiqirilidiken. Lékin zeherlik madda t n t we zawuttin qoyup bérilidighan paskina sulargha qarita eyni chaghda héchqandaq bixeterlik tedbirliri élinmighan iken. Ürümchi shorbulaqtiki bu zawut etrapida quruqluq armiye mektipi, boghaltir-kadirlar mektipi, ittipaq mektipi qatarliq mektepler bar bolup, nurghun oqutquchi-oqughuchilar we olturaq ahaliler yashaydiken.

Méditsina penliri doktori jür’et obul ependi, Uyghur diyaridiki muhit bulghinishi seweblik rayonda ewj alghan her xil ösme késellikliri bilen nepes yoli késelliklirining istatéskiliq melumatliri xitay hökümiti teripidin üzlüksiz halda yoshurup kéliniwatqan mexpiyetlik bolghini üchün xelq’arada Uyghur diyaridiki késelliklerning kélip chiqish sewebini éniqlash tetqiqatining intayin tes boluwatqanliqini bildürdi.

Halbuki, muxter chong ependining qarishiche, yéqinqi bir ikki yildin buyan xelq’arada Uyghur diyarining muhiti heqqidiki xewerler we doklatlar köpeygen. Bu sewebtin xitay hökümitimu rayondiki muhit bulghinishining ziyan-zexmetliri heqqidiki bir qisim xewer we doklatlarni élan qilish mejburiyitide qalghan.